Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Exercise 1

For most skaters, public places like the street, stairs, down hills, and gaps are seen as "street jungles". Because their perspective on the street is how they express themselves. I created the word SKART (synchronized concept of skate and art) for their perspective of the world. I think many skaters imagine the routine of skating in their world as street jungle...

I had also made a project of the street mini-documentary film focusing on a street spot of the skateboarding community in Shinjuku, near the south-east exit, so called “GAP” street skate spot. From that working project I learned many things. Like the power of localization that people get with others by meeting and making a group of friends. The circle of the friends was getting bigger and bigger and it involves not only people who skate, but also people who are interested in this community. I got a lot of love and freedom from the friends. I also started getting interested in films.

From the syllabus (Neighborhood Narratives) “Locative” media is connected with how space and community are related, how our lives are affected by the physical and cultural space that surround us. So to understand “locative” space and community we need to think of creating and understanding different view points about the space. I imagine the unique characteristics of ones personal and social space has a profound affect upon ones day-to-day existence and our personal narratives, and plays an important role in defining our identities.

In conclusion, I am going to introduce myself and proposal for the final exercise. I am a senior majoring in communication studying and chilling in Temple for a long time. I started working as an intern for ACTV, a TV production company, in January 2006 till summer. Since middle of October I got other job, working for a company A-life, as photographer and DJ manager of lounge-Feria in Roppongi. So I am thinking to discover a subject of international DJ, models, and celebrities in Tokyo night club community for my final project.